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    my man

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    Amanda Charchian

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    Beautifulwindows on Flickr.

    These are beautiful windows on people’s lives. But remember you never get to see the rest of the house.

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    31 Days of Halloween pin-ups 18/31 —> Illustration by Ren Wicks, 1963

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    The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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    Guinea pigs huddling up - Zoo HannoverThorsten Becker

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    Oh Land (real name: Nanna Øland Fabricius) for Elle by Signe Vilstrup

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    — Alan Lee

    Cantref y Gwaelod

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    “Depart pour le Sabbat” by Albert-Joseph Pénot, 1910 (via)

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    Robert McGinnis

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  15. tiny-librarian:

    Marie Antoinette’s prayer book, with the inscription she wrote in it just a few hours before she was taken to the guillotine.

    "My God, have pity on me! My eyes have no more tears to cry for you my poor children; adieu! adieu!"

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